BOSTON--Shift has named digital marketing specialist Christopher Penn to a senior role at the firm.

Penn becomes VP of marketing technology at Shift, departing his role as director of inbound marketing at WhatCounts.

Penn said in a blogpost that his goal is to now "figure out the top half of the marketing funnel," after spending three years focusing on email marketing.

He previously worked as VP of strategy of innovation at Blue Sky Factory, and is a high-profile presence on the digital conference circuit, after co-founding the PodCamp New Media Community Conference alongside Chris Brogan.

Shift CEO Todd Defren told the Holmes Report that the hire is evidence of his firm's commitment to a more integrated marketing offer.

"As our business continues its leapfrogging progress from traditional PR to holistic marketing, it will be crucial to be able to show our clients how we make an impact at every level of the sales & marketing funnel," said Defren.