McDonalds is the brand that Americans are most likely to recognize as a sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics, with 32 percent of respondents to a YouGov survey correctly identifying the company as an official sponsor of the event. Coca Cola (29 percent) and Visa (26 percent) also achieved a high degree of recognition as official games sponsors.

Among those who take an interest in the Winter Olympics, nearly two out of five respondents (39 percent) were able to identify McDonalds as an official sponsor, while 37 percent of those interested correctly identified Coca Cola, and a third (33 percent) identified Visa as an official sponsors.

But although Pepsi is not a sponsor, 21 percent of Americans thought the brand was one of the official sponsors of the Sochi Olympics. Nearly three out of 10 (27 percent) of those interested in the sporting event thought that Pepsi was an official sponsor. Nike, which is not a global sponsor but, along with Ralph Lauren, is one of the official US Olympic team outfitters, was identified as sponsor by 21 percent of Americans.

Although seven in ten (71 percent) of Americans have never participated in a winter sport, over half (51 percent) of Americans claim to be interested in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Two out of three Americans (67 percent) plan on watching at least a little of the 2014 Winter Olympics, with 20 percent expecting to watch a lot of the sporting competition.