SAN FRANCISCO — Sparkpr is packaging a new suite of services deemed "Agile Narrative" intended to help companies build and integrate narratives. 

Among these, "Narrative Whitespace" is a methodology "developed to help brands accelerate their market relevance through new narrative creation." Its co-creator Tim Donovan has also been named the firm's executive narrative strategist and senior managing director of the enterprise practice.

Meanwhile, Toby Trevarthen has been hired as the firm's first chief narrative officer to oversee the “Agile Narrative." Trevarthen has been working with Sparkpr for the past year to "pilot and stress test" the new offerings. He's wrapping up commitments from his consultancy before joining Spark full-time in October.
“Over the past year we have prototyped new strategic services to help establish and shape our clients’ narratives and the work has been met with very positive reaction,” said Alan Soucy, chief executive officer at Spark. “With the new appointments of Tim and Toby, we are prepared to formalize and scale these services for a broader market.”

Photo: Toby Trevarthen