LONDON—Ketchum has promoted European digital director Stephen Waddington to the newly-created global role of chief engagement officer.

Waddington, who will continue to report to Ketchum Europe senior partner and CEO David Gallagher, is charged with overseeing integration and innovation of digital and social capabilities throughout the Ketchum network.

He will continue to oversee Ketchum's digital operations in Europe, a position he has held since joining the firm in late 2012.

Specifically, Waddington will also aim to ensure the most current tools, resources and best practices from across the global network are being deployed for all client engagements, as well as providing lead senior counsel on integrated global accounts.

"Clients expect agencies like Ketchum to be able to handle every aspect of their campaigns," said Gallagher, in a statement. "In practice, that means we’re just as likely to convert digital campaigns to offline, or to run integrated real-time campaigns as we are to build up a client’s digital presence. Under his leadership, we can anticipate our clients’ future needs and stay ahead of the curve."

Waddington will continue to work with the European network of digital and social specialists he has helped to build. He is also expected to work closely with partner Debra Forman and Vivien Teo, who lead digital strategy for Ketchum in North America and Asia, respectively.