A new model of workplace giving is evolving in corporate America, if a new study of 22 U.S. corporations reflects a broader trend. The study found that more corporations are providing their employees charitable choices beyond local charities and also integrating technology as a core campaign component. With more than $3.8 billion generated annually for charity, workplace giving campaigns are an integral aspect of individual philanthropy in the U.S.

“The changes in workplace giving campaigns that we are seeing today are being driven by donors who are more diverse and sophisticated in their charitable giving interests.” said Renée Acosta, president and CEO of Global Impact, a not-for-profit focused on poverty issues. “Moreover, the availability of technology solutions facilitates campaigns providing greater workplace giving choices to their employees.”

The study also shows robust corporate support of workplace giving campaigns, with 100 percent of the corporations surveyed reporting that their campaigns have strong support from corporate leadership. In addition, 68 percent of the respondents reported that their company matches employee charitable gifts.
Among the findings of the study:
• More than 75 percent of the corporations surveyed now offer charitable giving choices beyond United Way, allowing donors a broader array of giving options through payroll deduction.
• Forty-five percent of the corporations surveyed are considering changes to their workplace campaign, including expanding charitable giving options and better utilization of technology.
• Fifty percent of the corporations surveyed are now organizing their workplace campaigns on a national or company-wide basis, migrating from the traditional “local” model of organization.
• Workplace giving continues to garner strong support from top corporate leadership, with 100 percent of the companies surveyed reporting strong support from CEOs and other executives.
• Sixty percent of the corporations surveyed believe that primary benefit to employees offered by workplace giving campaigns is the “ease” in which employees can give.

“Americans are very generous people and their giving interests transcend national boundaries,” says Acosta. ”The outpouring of donations for global disaster relief demonstrates employee interest in giving globally.”