AUSTIN, August 2—The Texas Department of Transportation has awarded the four-year contract for its litter prevention campaign to Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia, a social marketing specialist headquartered in the state capital. The campaign will incorporate the plea “Don’t Mess with Texas” as its slogan.
“The focus of our proposed strategy is to hit harder than ever on the very young target audience of today’s worst litterers—males and females under age 24,” says EnviroMedia principal Valerie Davis. “We call this target audience ‘Gen L,’ or Generation Litterer.”
The campaign will have a particular emphasis on fast food trash, and there will be most extensive Spanish language program in the campaign’s 14-year history.
“All these strategies will be incorporated not just into advertising, but into a comprehensive campaign with a huge public relations element that involves taking Don’t Mess with Texas directly to Gen L,” said Kevin Tuerff, EnviroMedia president. “Our ‘Experience Don’t Mess with Texas’ strategy will bring the campaign directly to schools and universities, malls, beaches, concerts and sports venues.”
Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia focuses exclusively on public health and environmental issues and has worked on the Tobacco is Foul campaign for the Texas Department of Health and on water conversation efforts in Dallas.