NEW YORK—Text 100 has finalised its management lineup in North America and Asia-Pacific, following the departure of Rowan Benecke in New York, and the merger with sibling Next 15 agency Bite in Asia.

Ken Peters, the Boston-based SVP who took on interim charge of North America upon Benecke's departure, has been confirmed as regional director for the region, and joins the firm's executive leadership team.

In Asia, meanwhile, Costello takes charge of the merged operations of Text and Bite, after previously leading Text in the region. Since the merger, she has shared leadership with Bite Communications EVP Paul Mottram, who now takes on a newly-created role of  MD of integrated strategy.

In the new position, Mottram will focus on driving increased adoption of integrated services by Text100’s key clients in Asia-Pacific. He will also continue to directly oversee Text 100 in China.

Both Peters and Costello, who have each spent 11 years with Text 100, will continue to report to Text100 global CEO Aedhmar Hynes. Peters will remain based in Boston, while Costello will remain in Australia.

The Holmes Report analysed the Text 100 and Bite merger, which covers Continental Europe and Asia-Pacific, in detail last year.

[Pic credit: Delhi Text 100 office by Kerolic on Flickr]