Storytelling continues to be a marketing buzzword. PR has always been about the art of crafting, spotting and selling a story and in our 2013 Creativity Study, 73% said that storytelling drives great PR work.

Since 2000, Punchdrunk has pioneered a game changing form of theatre in which roaming audiences experience epic storytelling inside sensory theatrical worlds.

Our Art of Immersive Story Making Masterclass invites you to explore the secrets and storytelling techniques developed by Punchdrunk and apply them back to your day-to-day professional life. What can PRO’s learn from the masterclass?

• The show plays out over 3 hours over 20,000 square feet – what lessons can you learn about holding someone’s interest in a competitive attention economy?
• What stories can you create that will resonate and create a lasting impact on your audience? How can you create a personal experience, a story that your audience will want to share? A multi-sensory experience?
• How do you bring your brand story to life? How do you structure your narrative? What’s the twist? Who is the key protagonist?
• You choose who to follow and where to go in the performance – what would make someone want to follow your brand?

This workshop for the creative industries is part of a wider enrichment programme for The Drowned Man that includes workshops for schools and colleges, teacher training, professional development for aspiring artists and an outreach programme that works with schools and community organisations in Westminster. 

We’re running the Art of Immersive Story Making workshop on 24 March 2014 on the set of Punchdrunk’s current production: The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, in Paddington.

Price: £450 + VAT (incl. ticket to performance to see before the workshop.)  Holmes Report readers can receive 10% off this price if tickets are booked by 14th March 2014, quoting ‘HR offer’.  Find out more or contact [email protected]