After more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to quantify the ways in which we have changed. Our pandemic coverage helps us understand the industry impact, and it seems unlikely that any of our content has been untouched by the unique circumstances that have taken root since the start of 2020.

But so much of that change has occurred at a human level, where many of the lessons emerge from the various conversations and anecdotes that underpin our stories and events. To better showcase these learnings, and provide a measure of insight into how the global PR industry is responding to such a transformative era, this series asks people what they have learned, according to three specific areas.

In the latest installment in our series, we hear from Nicola Green, Virgin Media O2’s chief communications and corporate affairs officer, who talks about leadership styles, serving humanity and the power of mentoring.

Three things I've learned... 

The biggest learning curve has been leadership style. Those who have worked with me and know me best will say that I’ve always used my presence and energy as a leadership technique, and I always aim to motivate my team by being high-spirited. This is systemic of our industry, which requires energy and strong relationships. Because of hybrid working, I’ve had to adopt a new leadership identity, relying more on my direct reports to help motivate a large team. This has been a welcome change, enabling me to look up and out during a challenging time and share the load.
Over the past two years, we’ve really focussed on purpose-led activity that serves humanity. The challenges we’ve all faced over the past two years are going to be felt for generations. I make sure that no matter the conversation, meeting or message, we’re squarely focussed on how we can put the bigger picture and greater good at the centre of our storytelling. On day one of the merger we launched the Together Fund and announced our intention to build the UK’s Connectivity Champion, and we haven’t looked back since.
I have always been passionate about supporting women in the workplace and am a huge believer in the power of mentoring. Each and every one of us can bring about positive change, and have a profound effect on someone’s confidence, clarity and drive to succeed with a simple time-investment. Like many others, I worry about the job market for the younger generation, but if every one of us took a young person under their wing in an unofficial mentorship capacity, offering support, life skills and encouragement, imagine the difference we can make. 
If you'd like to share your three lessons, please let us know.