MILAN—A group of ten successful independent PR firms are joining forces to create a new global affiliate network, called the Ecosytem.

Founded and led by Hanover Communications MD Charles Lewington, the network also includes akkanto (Belgium), Atrevia (Iberia and Latin America), Dortok Communications (Turkey), ipse Communication (Germany), Narva (Sweden and the Nordics), Noesis (Italy), SPN Communications (Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan), Thomas Marko & Associes (France) and Vision Group (Poland).

In addition to expanding its membership to North America and Asia-Pacific, the Ecosystem will also develop a specialist training programme for account director-level consultants.

“The Ecosystem is a group of consultancies with commitment to measurable customer service, client retention and talent development," said Lewington at the ICCO Summit in Milan today.

"All our members are undisputed experts in their markets, and have a track record of delivering truly transformational work. We have already started working on international projects together, and I look forward to expanding the network reach and business opportunities.”