ORLANDO, FL — Tupperware has called in Edelman to support global efforts to build a stronger social positioning for the iconic home goods brand.

The company awarded global PR duties to Edelman in late 2013. Previously, Tupperware worked with RF|Binder, which handled the assignment — covering corporate and investor relations, CSR, consumer engagement and media relations — since 2012.

Once written off as a relic of a previous era, Tupperware has rebounded strongly in recent years, thanks to a focus on empowering women in emerging markets. The company derives 90% of its sales outside North America and 65% from direct sellers in emerging markets, which have grown at a double-digit rate.

It is understood that Edelman will lead the business from a New York hub, supported by teams in key Tupperware markets such as Indonesia (which is both the largest and fastest-growing country for Tupperware sales), India and China.

In particular, Tupperware is hoping to strengthen its positioning as a company that can help enable economic independence for women in less developed markets. The 'Tupperware effect' sees the company train, finance and mentor women, ultimately helping to drive social change.

"Tupperware Brands and our CEO Rick Goings' global commitment to women's economic empowerment and opportunity have been central to our corporate mission and story," said Tupperware VP of global communications and women's intitiatives Elinor Steele.

"Tupperware Brands and Edelman will be working together to continue to showcase the importance of women's enablement and continue to build our global profile by engaging with media and stakeholders.

Tupperware's resurgence has also been supported by a more diverse product line beyond food storage. The company's marketing approach is largely driven by public relations and word of mouth engagement.