Black and minority students are more willing to consider a potential future career in public relations than the general student population, according to a new study from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

The “Future perspectives” report found that BME students are more likely than the total student population to consider a career in public relations. They also have a slightly greater level of familiarity with the profession and expressed a more positive view of a career in public relations.

Overall the survey showed that seven out of every ten 16-18 year old students were unfamiliar with what a career in public relations would involve, and only 7 percent of those surveyed are considering PR as a potential career.

The report will help to inform the CIPR’s strategy on careers and diversity, increasing awareness of the public relations industry amongst young adults.

According to Cornelius Alexander, chair of the diversity working group: “The positivity expressed by BME students considering a career in public relations is a refreshing finding from this report. It highlights an opportunity to increase diversity within our sector if this talent is nurtured and encouraged into employment.

“The report also highlights several challenges we face, in particular how socio-economic background and region can affect a student’s perception of a career in public relations. We look forward to working with students and young adults on a number of different projects to improve their understanding and knowledge of what our profession is all about.”