WASHINGTON, DC—American public affairs firms Outreach Strategies has appointed Caroline Baldwin to establish its European operations.

Baldwin, who most recently served as global media relations director for KPMG International’s climate change and sustainability division, will be based in Amsterdam and will engage with existing OS clients in Europe while also developing new partnerships and opportunities in the environmental arena, across issues as diverse as water, climate change, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy production.

Tad Segal, president of Outreach Strategies, says he sees opportunities in the European market as both EU and US companies and NGOs are expanding their sustainability practices and campaigns. “From the consumer to the board room, and from the halls of Congress to parliaments around the world; sustainability and environmental issues are increasingly taking center stage,” Segal says.

Baldwin moved from KPMG Australia to lead global climate change and sustainability communications for KPMG International, and also led thought leadership efforts for KPMG’s Yvo de Boer, the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.