YANGON--Vero Public Relations has launched its third Asia-Pacific office in the Burmese capital of Yangon.

The new operation joins other Vero offices in Thailand and Vietnam, focusing on consumer, B2B and public affairs communications. 

Vero becomes one of the first PR firms to launch in Burma, amid rising investment and interest

In Myanmar, the company has already started providing clients with stakeholder engagement – helping executives to build relationships with journalists, policy makers and NGOs.  The agency has also conducted cross training of its executives – bringing key staff from its other offices to Myanmar and key staff from Myanmar to learn about clients and operations in existing offices.

“We are optimistic about the short and long-term potential for business in Myanmar,” said Brian Griffin, managing director of Vero.  “We have spent the last year learning about the market, the media environment and meeting key stakeholders.  We are confident that now is the right time to open for business.”