BOSTON — Laura Tomasetti, who has been sole owner of 360PR+ since its 2001 inception, has for the first time named equity partners — agency vets Victoria Renwick and Mike Rush.

Both Renwick and Rush, who have also been promoted to executive VPs, have been with 360PR+ for roughly a dozen years, starting within a month of each other.

Renwick leads the firm’s food & beverage practice, which focuses on natural, organic and healthy food brands, and will continue to do so. Her practice’s hallmark initiatives include creating pesticide-free playing fields with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt and Pete and Gerry’s #EggsAreHealthy campaign.

Rush leads work for clients in the automobile, mobility, tech and financial services industries. In his new role, he will focus on thought leadership and help advance industrywide initiatives, such as the agency’s measurement task force.

“Victoria and Mike are leaders inside and out, and their long-term commitment to 360 creates value for all stakeholders – our clients, employees and partners,” said Tomasetti, the agency’s CEO. “We’re all excited to work together with other members of our senior team and staff to get to the next stage of 360’s growth as one of the leading independents serving some of the most trusted brands across North America and globally.”