SINGAPORE — H+K Strategies global vice chairman and Asia-Pacific chairman Vivian Lines will be honoured with the Individual Achievement SABRE Award in Singapore on September 11, at the eighth edition of the Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards.

Lines has spent 34 years with H+K Strategies, which he joined in London in 1984. After a stint in the Middle East, he arrived in Asia in 1991, serving in senior roles in Taiwan, Singapore and China, before taking on regional leadership in 2004. In 2011, he added the global vice chair position.

"Around H+K, 'Viv' is practically an institution, and for good reason: Viv started with us back in 1984 as an AE in our London office, and since then he’s provided leadership and guidance at virtually every level of our global organization," said H+K Strategies global CEO Jack Martin. "Viv has also led a variety of offices across the Middle East and Asia, and to this day his work continues at a characteristically brisk pace.

"As a member of H+K’s senior leadership team, Viv is an active participant in our client work, business development, global strategy and cultural transformation across six continents," added Martin. "But even more than all that, perhaps, Viv is the consummate gentleman and team player, and I am so very honored and proud to call him my friend and colleague."

LG Electronics senior director of global corporate communications Ken Hong, who has worked with Lines for more than a decade, noted that the H+K leader "exemplifies the word 'advisor'."

"He has always been there for us in both the good times and the bad," said Hong. "He has the ability to analyze a situation from different perspectives and draw creative, well-structured conclusions that help us move forward. Supportive without being overbearing, straightforward without being too raw, when it comes to dealing with unreasonable client demands, Vivian Lines knows where to draw the line."