Waggener Edstrom is taking a relatively novel approach to content solutions with its Content360offering that’s going live today. Here’s how it works. Anyone can go onto the Content360 microsite and take an assessment of their organization’s content strategy — which will be categorized as either "considering," "active" or "expanding."

At this point, prospects can choose whether to “kick start,” “maintain” or “expand” their content strategy, and within each of these categories, opt for one of three tiers of solutions. This is one of the few instances when a PR agency outright states its fees for service -- the basic packages are $9,500; the intermediates are $14,200; and the full-size solutions are $19,500 for the duration of the project.

Every level gets 20 hours of consulting and a few other standards, but you can upgrade for options like a content scorecard, an editorial playbook, SEO strategy, a curation plan or publishing training and support. Meanwhile, Waggener Edstrom will still offer its traditional agency content services for both existing and new clients who want content infused into their retainers. Hava Jeroslow, director of the content strategy team at Waggener Edstrom is leading the new effort.

This is likely to be one of many instances in which PR agencies are developing productized IP rather than only offering the more subjective service of strategic counsel, coupled with execution. In another example, PulsePoint, which was acquired by Olson last year, largely built its business around the “Social Accelerator” — an assessment tool and roadmap. Brands take a detailed assessment to learn whether they are “observers,” “incrementalists,” “dreamers,” “trail blazers” or thrivers” and then are handed a strategic roadmap to accomplish their desired social media outcomes.

Similar to Waggener Edstrom’s approach, the Social Accelerator comes at a fixed price ($50,000), but in this case, the solution allots “infinite” training and unlimited users to access the accelerator. Both examples are indicative of the industry becoming more savvy about revenue streams and, in some ways, standardizing their ultimate output to clients.