SAN FRANCISCO — Wavemaker Labs, a venture capital group specializing in tech startups, has hired Golin to handle PR for companies preparing for market rollout.

The business will be led by Golin’s technology group, which will use media strategy to introduce the public to companies funded by Wavemaker.

Golin’s remit includes developing messaging, positioning and the narrative for Wavemaker startups, including Graze Autonomous Mowers and pizza vending machine company Piestro. The agency will be responsible for introducing and elevating the profile of each startup in their markets, as well as in business, technology, local and industry press.

Golin already works with Wavemaker brand Miso Robotics, which last year tapped the agency to handle PR for its robotic short-order cook, named Flippy.

Wavemaker CEO Buck Jordan said: “In working with Golin, I’ve seen the power behind earned-first attention and know its potential for driving tangible business outcomes. Golin’s storytelling capabilities have helped us achieve attention and recognition from investors and customers alike, including major brands that are ready to partner with us based on conversations Golin helped create.

"They have an incredible ability to take the most complex and future-focused technologies and translate them into stories that have human impact. We are excited to bring their smart thinking to some of our newest and fastest growing ventures.”