AUSTIN, TX—Worldcom Public Relations Group, a partnership of independently owned public relations firms with 128 offices employing 1,900 staff in 102 markets across six continents, has appointed Todd Lynch as the organization’s first managing director.

Reporting to the Worldcom Group board, the new role includes setting strategy and direction for the network and elevating shared best practices and knowledge. Lynch is also charged with raising visibility of the Worldcom brand globally and representing it in the international PR community. He will recruit new partners worldwide and establish a stronger revenue base to provide enhanced services to partners.

Lynch, who was formerly vice president of client relations at Worldcom firm St. John & Partners in Jacksonville, Fla., was serving as Worldcom’s Americas region board chair and chair-elect of the Worldcom board at the time of his appointment.

He effectively succeeds retiring Worldcom chief operating officer Daisy Guthin, who led the organization for the last 18 years.