The primary goal within the reviews and awards program is to secure positive reviews and awards for the entire line of products offered through Xerox Office Printing Business (OPB). As product reviews and award wins directly affect purchase decisions, we are charged with continually identifying reviews opportunities that exemplify the benefits of the Xerox OPB line of printers. With the expanded and more complete product line from OPB, Alexander Ogilvy has had the opportunity to move the perception of Xerox beyond simply a "copier company" into that of one offering complete solutions for office printing. Through the reviews and awards program, Alexander Ogilvy is successfully proving that Xerox OPB products are superior to #1 competitor Hewlett Packard and are changing the face of a longstanding trademark.



Alexander Ogilvy began working with Xerox OPB in January of 1999 and has successfully managed the account and product reviews program throughout the past two years (Please note: Tektronix Color Printing and Imaging Division was acquired by Xerox on January 1, 2000, and became Xerox Office Printing Business).

The fusion of Xerox and Tektronix created a business entity with a combined strength to help place the company in head-to-head competition with rival Hewlett Packard.

Xerox OPB is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon and combines the Tektronix network color printer portfolio with Xerox’s established lines of network black and white printers. Alexander Ogilvy was brought on to the Xerox OPB team to help establish Xerox as the leader in network printing, with an emphasis on leading with superior color printing technology.


The success of the Xerox OPB product reviews program is imperative for the growth of the company’s network printer market share. The reviews program is detailed - continual follow up and trouble-shooting with press/analysts is necessary. 

Change in the focus of several key publications has resulted in fewer hardware review opportunities. 

Historically recognized as the “copier company,” Xerox’s legacy presents a major challenge as OPB takes on Hewlett Packard for market dominance.


Position Xerox OPB as a leader in network printing through securing consistently positive reviews.

Pursue market share and leadership position over #1 network printer competitor, Hewlett Packard.

Execute a seamless transition of a printer reviews program already in progress (black-and-white network printers were managed by another Xerox PR agency prior to the Tektronix CPID acquisition).



Alexander Ogilvy developed a step-by-step methodology for the reviews program. This included the identification of top tier publications for reviews and implementation of specific guidelines for each potential opportunity. Alexander Ogilvy worked to identify reviews opportunities that provided the most benefit to Xerox in terms of visibility, quality and return on investment.


Alexander Ogilvy developed a strong relationship with Xerox OPB product managers and technical support staff by conducting thorough media training sessions (both the product manager and technical support are instrumental in communicating the benefits of each printer to press/analysts during a review).

Alexander Ogilvy communicated daily with press and analyst contacts regarding the status of printer reviews and reported progress to Xerox OPB.

Alexander Ogilvy worked with a prior PR agency to transition all pertinent network black-and-white printer reviews information to the Alexander Ogilvy account team.


Xerox and Alexander Ogilvy launched several network printers with West and East Coast press/analyst tours throughout the year.

The account team facilitated conference calls between press/analysts and Xerox product managers on a daily basis. Alexander Ogilvy encouraged and reinforced an open dialogue between key review contacts and product managers.

Alexander Ogilvy delivered a reviews progress report on a weekly basis.

Alexander Ogilvy sent individual reviews recommendations to Xerox OPB for each printer review opportunity.

Alexander Ogilvy communicated with press/analysts on a regular basis regarding the status of printer reviews.

When called for, Alexander Ogilvy attended on-site briefings for network printer installations in the offices of top tier publications. For example, PC Magazine was experiencing a great deal of difficulty and frustration setting up and using the Xerox DocuPrint N2125 monochrome printer.  In an attempt to salvage the review and to hopefully regain what appeared to be lost or negative coverage, Alexander Ogilvy went on-site to PC Magazine to help them set up the printer and to foster the relationship with frustrated editors. When no obvious problem was found with the printer, Alexander Ogilvy literally opened up the toolbox and began searching for a solution. The printer was eventually fixed and Alexander Ogilvy was so well received, we have been invited back for similar printer set-ups.  Additionally, the Xerox DocuPrint N2125 went on to win Editor's Choice, all from the dedicated efforts of the Alexander Ogilvy team.   

Working with press and analysts, the account team managed the fact checking process (printer specifications) for reviews in progress while working closely with Xerox product managers and internal marketing team.

Alexander Ogilvy monitored competitive reviews coverage on a regular basis and forwarded coverage analysis to the client.



Execute a flawless transition of a reviews/awards program already in progress from another Xerox public relations agency.

Continue to develop strong relationships with reviewers and appropriate editors, secure positive coverage and awards for Phaser and DocuPrint line of network color and black and white printers.


Alexander Ogilvy successfully managed an expanded piece of Xerox business after the Tektronix CPID acquisition. Using an integrated approach, Alexander Ogilvy promoted the existing account work (review management for color network printers) as well as the line of Xerox network black and white printers. Alexander Ogilvy continues to build awareness of the Xerox brand and position the company as the leader in network office printing.

Alexander Ogilvy managed more than 40 reviews and facilitated successful relationships between reviewers and Xerox OPB product managers. Printer reviews were secured in top tier publications such as PC Magazine, PC World, CNET and Business Week.

By closely monitoring reviews and strengthening relationships with appropriate editorial staff, Alexander Ogilvy also secured 30 awards and high ratings for Xerox OPB printers in CY 2000, including those from Government Computer News, PC World, PC Magazine, Better Buys for Business, Home Office Computing and CIO.
With the intensive approach to reviews and awards Alexander Ogilvy developed and executed within the year 2000, the number of reviews increased 22% from 1999 and the number of awards increased by 140%.