The launch and on-going marketing campaign for Yipes Communications, Inc., is an excellent example of a successful integrated marketing campaign conceived and executed by Publicis Dialog
Yipes was the first entrant into the nascent Internet Protocol over fiber networking space.  The company, and its eventual competitors were well funded ($250 million each) in order to battle entrenched regional operating companies.  Yipes needed to launch itself, define the market and lead the resulting debate.  Yipes wanted a national brand presence on a limited budget.  However, it deploys product on a metro or regional basis—a national service footprint will require several years of build-out
Recognizing that PR elements could not solve all strategic issues, Publicis Dialog developed and implemented a multi-pronged strategy.  PR was used for building and maintaining a national presence.  Print advertising, interactive, direct, www and guerilla tactics were used to build service area awareness.
The PR strategy is based on building executive level media and analyst relationships and aggressively pursuing and creating all relevant PR opportunities.  PR work is conducted on a national and regional level.
Print advertising was executed on both national and local levels to create awareness. However, budget constraints would not allow on-going national advertising support.  WWW, interactive and guerilla tactics were employed to uncover or further qualify sales leads.  Guerilla programs are conducted on a regional level – in some instances, building by building.
Public relations’ primary focus is on national media reaching C-level and IT executives and is used when opening new regional markets.  Industry analysts are used to tell Yipes’ story.  Media relations is supplemented with comprehensive speakers bureau, news bureau and case study programs.
The print advertising strategy used national IT print publications at launch time to establish credibility within the IT community.  Follow-up print advertising in regional business publications where Yipes has a presence was used to reach local executives.
In some regions, Yipes’ service came online on a building-by-building basis.  As buildings are “lit,” Publicis would wrap them with custom caution tape.  A Yipes sales rep in fire-fighting suit would hand out literature on the street to building tenants and curious passers-by.
Seventy service vans were wrapped, creating rolling billboards.  Literature racks are hung on windows while technicians make calls.
First-generation WWW site reinforced third-party analyst commentary and made use of news material and coverage.  The site reinforced the notion that Yipes is a “hot” company defining a new market.
A digi-card mailer was developed as a lead qualification tool and to drive new leads.  It included an interactive game that illustrates productivity gains afforded with Yipes service.
Public Relations:
More than1900 news stories have been published since launch in February 2000; an average of 4 hits per day with more than 800 million impressions.  Regular coverage includes features or mentions ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, [email protected] Week, NetworkWorld, Telephony, The Net Economy, Upside, Business Week, Denver Rocky Mountain News, Forbes, Red Herring, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and San Francisco Chronicle.
Advertising Activities:
Yipes print advertising increased and sustained Web visits 300% in the first six months of launch.  Print, guerilla and online efforts account for 50 percent of Yipes’ sales leads.
Yipes’ site is key inquiry destination site and is used extensively for on-line and off-line seminars.
Yipes is a private company that enjoys a valuation of $1 billion.  Its recently released financial data showed its sales jumped 64% in 2001 and its customer list has grown to more than 500.