In this episode of Intersection, Rebecca Lowell Edwards, chief communications officer at the ACLU joins the conversation. The discussion includes: how using the phrase "white supremacy" in the workplace can accelerate awareness and change around race and inequality; how companies can plan for — and perhaps mitigate — the uncertainty and volatility surrounding this year's presidential election; how PR can combat disinformation by elevating trusted sources; and why it's more important than ever that brands come off the sidelines. 

In addition to Edwards, the conversation features Praytell founder/CEO Andy Pray and is hosted by Aarti Shah.

Intersection is a video series that PRovoke Media has launched in partnership with Praytell.
The full video series can be seen here, including Part 1 that features an interview with author and professor S. Craig Watkins on creatives of color and the introduction video to the series

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