This is the Luminaries Mentoring Series, a video series that PRovoke Media launched in partnership with Lippe Taylor. This episode features Barri Rafferty, outgoing head of communications & brand management at Wells Fargo, and Maureen Lippe, founder & chair of Lippe Taylor.

The candid conversation covers the challenges leaders face in a post-pandemic world that ostensibly includes people returning to the office. Keeping employees engaged, maintaining a strong culture and making employees’ commutes worthwhile are among the topics explored.

Topics include:
0:00 Introduction to what does leadership look like post-pandemic
03:00 Keeping employees engaged
04:50 Leadership/staff connections
08:00 The commute
11:35 Creating personalized career maps
12:50 Empathy, kindness, listening
15:25 The great resignation
20:30 Employee purpose
27:15 Staying optimistic