In this conversation, Aarti Shah talks to Aaron Kwittken, who recently launched PRophet, an AI-driven platform designed for and by PR professionals to test and re-test pitches before sending them to the media. They talk about how AI will help PR professionals craft targeted pitches, whether AI will transform the PR agency business model, the future of the office, and the changed employee-employer dynamic. Kwittken — who is founder/CEO of PRophet and chairman, KWT Global — was also featured on PRovoke Media's Innovator 25 this year.



01:15: How AI can be used to pitch media 
04:20 How PRophet emerged from an internal competition 
07:08 AI will allow the PR workforce to spend more time on higher-quality work
11:39  Reducing 'grunt work' can help improve the industry's mental health crisis 
13:59 Aaron's take on the future of the office
16:58 DE&I priorities in the post-pandemic era 
21:40 Shifting employee-employer dynamics 
24:02 Thoughts on innovation 

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