Masayoshi Shirayanagi | Influence 100 2022
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Masayoshi Shirayanagi

Chief Officer, External & Public Affairs Group

A 38-year veteran of Toyota, Masayoshi Shirayanagi was handed oversight of the automotive giant’s external and public affairs remit in 2019, making him a visible presence as the company’s chief spokesperson. That role came as Toyota faced a string of questions regarding its painstakingly-won reputation for reliability and quality, forged from decades in which it established itself as the world’s biggest automaker.

Shirayanagi also serves as head of procurement for Toyota, and his previous experience comes largely from the purchasing and accounting divisions. Nevertheless, he is a key figure as Toyota forecasts an upbeat rebound from the worst of the pandemic, supported by an ambitious EV plan that aims to electrify around 80% of its currently annual vehicle sales by 2030.