NEW YORK and LONDON—The Holmes Report is surveying public relations agency employees in North America and the EMEA region in its annual effort to identify the industry’s Best Agencies To Work For.

For more than a decade, The Holmes Report has been tracking employee attitudes toward their agencies and presenting awards to the industry’s employers-of-chief, a mission that has grown increasingly important as the competition for talent grows ever more fierce. Last year’s survey included more than 6,000 employees at close to 100 agencies.

“There is a clear chain of value in the public relations business,” said Holmes Report CEO Paul Holmes. “Agencies that are able to attract and retain the best talent do the best work; agencies that do the best work will attract and retain great clients; and agencies that have great people and great clients will make good money.

“The Best Agencies to Work For research identifies agencies that are getting the people part of the equation right, helps others measure their performance against industry leaders.”

Agencies looking to participate in this year’s survey can email
[email protected] for inclusion.

Winners will be honoured at the 2015 SABRE Awards in North America and EMEA, taking place on 5 May and 19 May, respectively.