Media Decoded talked to professional disruptor Adriana Lukas about the nature of her work, how senior execs often spoil the fruits of disruption, and whether the term itself is now outdated. Here’s what she told us.

The lifecycle of disruption in the current corporate environment is very predictable — almost hilariously so. There is a loop: 1) You disrupt; 2) You manage to change things; 3) You watch the things succeed and make an impact; 4) The highest levels of senior management notice that [X, Y, Z] were bypassed in order to achieve the awesome change that they love so much; 5) Those people now see the change as something to “own” and “embrace”; and 6) They end up smothering it. They don’t want to destroy it. But they love it and squeeze it until it can’t breathe.

They want to be a part of the success, but because they weren’t part of the disruption process, they can only smother and destroy it.

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