Data and predictive analytics are rapidly evolving how we target customers and develop integrated communications plans that flow seamlessly across channels. Today it’s possible to pinpoint exactly where to find your most likely customers and even know just when to connect with them.

The one thing the numbers can’t tell you: how to best engage those customers.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for trends. Trends show us those shifting customer expectations. They reveal data and clues about changing habits and preferences. They uncover brands that are making unique connections and getting to white spaces first.

This sixth installment of the trend report series from inVentiv Health Communications and advertising agency, GSW Worldwide, is a product of global collaboration. Over 100 trendspotters from around the world worked to curate the clues, examples, stories and big ideas that are shaping communications, healthcare, digital experience, and consumer expectations for 2017.

Download all four of the new 2017 trend reports here. Enjoy!

By: inVentiv Health PR Group