Former New York Times editor Tim Race and Syngenta Group's Head of Media Relations, Saswato Das, demonstrate how to apply the key lessons from Episode 1 and 2 in this capstone episode, "The Power in Practice." Das, Race and their teams have applied the techniques of persuasion and newsroom rigor in transforming Syngenta Group's website into a magazine-style editorial platform of news, features and industry- influencing executive bylines - content that is continually amplified through strategic use of social media. The episode also delves into the intricacies of the "owned-earned continuum" - and how a company's narrative can, and should, shape every communications touchpoint.

0:00 - Speaker Introduction

1:48 - The Role of Owned Content

5:48 - Authentic Narratives Lead to Strong Content

13:37 - The Owned-Earned Continuum