Are you still contemplating the best way to reach your audience? Have you doubted the power of radio? Even in today’s multimedia world and digital age, radio reaches over 93% of the U.S. population each and every week. Radio is still king!

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by iHeartMedia with Ryan Seacrest. Chairman/CEO of iHeartMedia Bob Pittman posed a few questions to Seacrest about the rise of radio and its impact. Pittman shared a few facts supported by Arbitron which point to the fact that radio is the #1 mass reach medium with 93%, followed by TV 87% and the smartphone 70%.

Seacrest who has worked in multiple media platforms is a huge proponent of developing a “sound strategy” for clients. “I’ve never underestimated the power of sound…the power of storytelling and how that stands out and resonates, more so now than ever before. I think that’s what is most significant about this. Right now with all the noise, with all the screens, sound is an important strategy.”

Seacrest also talked about  working with radio producers. 

“They are very savvy. You can’t pitch them. You’ve got to talk with them. You can’t hard sell them.” Having worked previously in radio, I have also seen firsthand the power of the medium to reach a wide audience

Pittman noted, the increase in smartphone use presents a huge opportunity to target the Millennials who may be listening on multiple devices. So while your clients may place a high priority on TV, the facts prove that radio thrives, engages and influences listeners like never before.

Lyndon Taylor is account supervisor at Finn Partners