Even before the pandemic, skincare was booming — and rather than taking a hit when the world moved online, its demand accelerated as people sought to look their best on camera. In this conversation, Aarti Shah speaks to Caitlin King, assistant vice president at CeraVe and Lisa Wolleon, EVP at Coyne PR about the intersection of self-care and skincare and the complexities of communicating self-care, a topic that is both inherently universal and personal. 

The discussion, in partnership with Coyne PR, is part of a series around self-care and healthcare. As consumers have slogged through a series of crises with the global pandemic at center stage, we explore the sectors that have emerged at the heart of the self-care movement.

Watch or listen to the full conversation below: 
01:30 What is driving the skincare boom?
03:33 The role influencers play in reaching consumers 
06:56 Identifying the right influencer for campaigns 
08:17 What beauty consumers want when they ask for 'transparency' 
10:34 How CeraVe approaches purpose 
14:43 The future of the self-care movement