MUMBAI — Adfactors has launched a specialist offering focused on helping clients with new and emerging technology, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to nano-technology.

The Frontier Technologies practice is designed to meet the needs of both emerging technology companies as well as mainstream businesses deploying next-gen technologies such as blockchain, AI, machine learning and autonomous mobility across their operations.

Services include concept and platform audits, deep technical stakeholder engagement, and both technical and societal thought leadership. The offerings are developed specifically for developing sectors where, in many instances, purchase and partnership protocols, public sentiment, channels to market, regulations and even business models are yet to be defined.

The practice will be led nationally by COO Roger Darashah. It will also feature VP Sandeep Ajgaonkar in Mumbai, senior group head T V Mahalingam in Bengaluru; and group head Priti Setia in Delhi.

Said Darashah: “While such technologies are becoming increasingly complex and impenetrable to non-specialists, discussions about their impact are actually becoming more mainstream.  Today, the requirement for technologists to explain and address the societal implications of their offerings to broader audiences – customers, partners and employees as well as regulators – has never been more crucial."