HONG KONG — Seven communicators across Asia Pacific have launched a new network of independents designed to deliver tailored, cost-efficient corporate comms support.

Founding members of the Global Commtrepreneurs Network (GCN) are Karen Khaw of V-Engage; Christina Pantin of Toot; Aaron Pan of Swagger Communications; Stephen Thomas of TAVO Advisory; Darren Boey of UnMute Limited; Brett Cooper of Perpetual Improvement; and Aniisu Verghese of Intraskope.

Members bring experience from diverse backgrounds including agency, media and in-house roles. They are based across Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore.

"At GCN, we are thrilled to offer a platform that not only fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals but also provides clients with access to a network of seasoned experts capable of delivering bespoke communication solutions," said Khaw, founder & principal consultant of Sydney’s V-Engage.

GCN is built on the concept of offering clients specialized communication support tailored to their unique needs, whether that's working with an individual who meets their needs or a team.

The GCN members have a range of expertise including strategic development, media relations, crisis management, corporate affairs, financial communications, employee engagement, storytelling, personal branding, market communications, and digital transformation. GCN is also open to new members.

“What I love about this collective is that each of us has had a different path into communications, unique style of practice, and that we bring in personal relationships that enrich the whole group and clients,” said Pantin, founder of Hong Kong-based Toot. “It’s our diversity of personal and professional experiences that’s our strength – no locked-in mindsets, but instead an embracing of the highest standards and a conviction that communications is a force for good.”