WASHINGTON — After 40 years in business, APCO is refreshing its brand, which includes dropping the word “Worldwide” from its name.

The brand refresh “signals a forward-looking approach, grounded in the firm's commitment to guiding clients through global complexities by fostering un/common ground to drive progress,” APCO said.

The centerpiece of APCO's new identity is the 'Uncommon A,' a symbol that is part of the firm’s logo and is designed to differentiate APCO’s offerings. The symbol's dual nature (the letter looks like any other A on one side, but is missing a leg on the other) embodies APCO's traditional roots and its future defined by adaptability and creative problem-solving, APCO said.

Changing the agency’s name to APCO from APCO Worldwide shows the agency’s belief in actions speaking louder than words, meaning the agency’s active global presence negates the need to explain it in a name.

“We have heard from clients time and again that APCO has a ‘superpower’ to work as a single, global firm with key relationships worldwide, making valuable connections that are critical for clients’ success,” Founder and executive chairman Margery Kraus said.

“Demonstrated by our 40-year record of impactful work for clients, our team’s diverse and relevant expertise and knowledge, and integrated approach and capabilities, APCO has a special and authentic culture and character, bolstered by our people, that inform and enable our perspectives and work. I am proud of what we have achieved and excited about how our new brand reflects our heritage while representing where we are going in the future and the legacy our organization is creating,” Kraus said.