The Graphics Materials Division of Avery Dennison provides vinyl products and services to the corporate graphics and transportation graphics industries.  These vinyl products are converted into bus and truck wrappings, product decals, vehicle safety markings, signage, floor decals and many other end-use products.  They wanted to grow brand awareness and market share.

The program is worthy of an award because it gave the company a new direction and focus as they went head-to-head with a huge competitor.  It provided a clear positioning, new energy and strength to the internal sales force.  


Within this Graphics Materials Division are distinct groups, each serving a different industry.  The three groups are Transportation Graphics, Corporate Graphics and Digital.  The goal was to position these groups within their industries, yet make it obvious that each group is part of the Graphics Materials Division.

The Graphics Materials Division has a variety of competitors, but the largest is 3M.  3M basically created this industry when they convinced end-use manufacturers to use vinyl instead of paint for marking vehicles.  As a result, 3M was the clear market leader.


Avery Dennison interviewed people at trade publications, plus surveyed more than 1,500 customers and end-users through mail surveys and focus groups.  The objectives of the research were:

  • To better understand the U.S. fleet graphics market in terms of the type of graphics deployed on vehicles and brand preferences 
  • To determine purchasing motivation of fleet managers and fleet owners regarding graphics procurement 
  • To uncover segments of the fleet market which may be opportunistic for fleet graphics and vinyl sales


After conducting the research, it was clear customers and end-users preferred a vinyl film partner that’s easy to work with – a company that’s quick and responsive.   We set out to brand the groups as dedicated…enthusiastic…highly responsive.

The first thing we needed to do was create a clear identity for the groups.  

It started with a theme for each group.  The transportation graphics (TG) and corporate graphics (CG) groups are prized for their responsiveness, so we gave them the following theme lines:

Graphics that move.  From a company that moves. [For TG.  Targeted to the transportation industry]

Graphics that motivate.  From a company that’s motivated. [For CG.  Targeted to the corporate graphics market]

These themes summarize the businesses that Avery Dennison is in.  More important, they tell the world that Avery Dennison people are sharp, aggressive and eager to help.

The third group – Digital – has a slightly different mission – to let its customers know that the Digital group is the knowledgeable and experienced player in the market.  The subtle message here is “Printer: Make Avery Dennison your partner as you seek to expand your digital business.”  And the positioning is captured in this theme: “Grow your digital.  With a company that knows digital.”


To keep everyone in step going forward, Dix & Eaton crafted a positioning statement.  It summarizes everything the Graphics Materials Division stands for.  It neatly condenses the corporate positioning into a single, powerful paragraph – one that guides all CG and TG communications efforts:

“The Avery Dennison Graphics Materials Division specializes in delivering fast, effective solutions to the transportation graphics and corporate graphics markets.  Featuring a unique combination of self-stick films, adhesives and services, each solution is delivered with an unusually high level of responsiveness.  This quick response helps our customers manage their ever-tightening deadlines and adds value to the Avery Dennison/customer relationship.  An Avery Dennison customer can feel secure, knowing that its project is in the hands of a capable company.”


Once we had the correct positionings and appropriate theme lines, we created the marketing materials.  They included:

  • New brochures and pocket folders that “introduce” the groups. 
  • Brand positioning ads – one for each group. 
  • Product trade ads. 
  • Direct mail. 
  • Interactive PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Product sheets, price books, other sales tools.


In addition to the individual theme lines, each group has its own colors and graphic look.  All communications efforts within a group reinforce one another.  Yet it’s clear that each group is part of the larger Graphics Materials Division of Avery Dennison.


A hard-working public relations component is also part of this ambitious communications program.  


The branding campaign was just launched summer of 2000.  Early indications show the program is beginning to change the awareness and perception of Avery Dennison among their target audience, particularly in the Digital business.  Sales have increased and Avery is capturing an increased market share.