CHICAGO, January 7—Paul Battaglia, who was head of the Chicago technology practice at Edelman subsidiary PR21 until a restructuring late last year relocated the practice to San Francisco, has launched The StrongForce Group, a full-service technology public relations and marketing agency that will “address the complex communications challenges that technology companies face in today’s economy.”
The firm will be co-led by several PR21 veterans including Blair Ciecko, Christy Frederick and Mark Smith.
“Technology companies are operating very differently today than two years ago. Today, there is an even greater need for clear, concise communications,” Paul Battaglia.  “As partners with a deep understanding of technology and communication strategy, the StrongForce Group exists to accelerate our clients’ achievements, enabling them to become strong forces in their respective industries.”
The StrongForce Group derives its name from the definition of strong force found in physics. One of the four fundamental forces of nature, strong force is the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms. Says Battaglia, “The StrongForce Group is a fundamental force in the effectiveness of a company’s communications. The StrongForce Group binds together the four elements of strategic counsel, creative thinking, industry expertise and flexibility of execution into a nucleus of marketing success.”
Initially, the firm is targeting software development, wireless, biotechnology, nano-technology, telecommunications, business-to-business, manufacturing and IT consulting firms. Its founders are apparently undaunted by the harsh impact of the recession on Chicago-area technology companies—a factor in PR21’s decision to shutter its tech group,
“The Chicagoland metro area alone has $35 billion in high-technology output and more than 7,100 technology companies,” says Smith. “These companies need to realign their communications efforts to become more cost efficient, while at the same time delivering more effective results to set themselves apart.”