NEW YORK — BCW has partnered with consultancy Lab of Misfits on a new offering that uses neuroscience to understand what really makes people tick, in a bid to provide brands with better insights.

“We want to understand the greatest depths of the way people think, feel and behave,” BCW chief innovation officer Chad Latz said to PRovoke Media. “Our goal here is to really understand what’s driving people's motivations at the most fundamental level and use that information to drive greater connections between brands and audiences."

BCW NeuroLab Powered by Lab of Misfits, which focuses on studying perceptions, gleans that information through experiments that test and assess how participants’ brains react to stimuli such as language, ideas, images, emotions and events. Tech companies, for instance, could study what consumers’ frustration with technology looks like neurologically and adjust their positioning accordingly, Latz said.

BCW NeuroLab offers clients four services: using neuroscience to define brand purpose, marketplace strategy and positioning; creating experiments to better understand the perceptions and needs of stakeholders; studying the obstacles and opportunities associated with organizational change to drive better engagement and transformation; and applying principles of perception to create more effective marketing and communications experiences.

Experiments run the gamut from testing the brain activity of thousands of online participants to individual immersive experiences. Although a multitude of marketers leverage behavioral science in creating strategy, the NeuroLab goes further by focusing on the scientific drivers of consumer behaviors versus simply evaluating them, Latz said.