BroadbandTV — a start-up that helps online video creators promote and optimize their work online — has hired Hotwire PR to tell its story to the US tech and business media.

Founded in 2005 when YouTube disrupted the entertainment sphere, BroadbandTV has carved its niche in helping YouTube content creators make more money and grow their audiences. Since June, its roster of content creators has gone from nearly 8k to more than 15k. The company’s headcount has grown from 20 to more than 80 at its headquarters in Vancouver.

Last year, Hotwire’s Dan Gamble joined BroadbandTV as its first head of PR. Hotwire now joins its existing Canadian PR partner. Its work will also focus on bringing attention to the company's CEO Shahrzad Rafati.

“We work with over 15,000 partners around the world, from individual content creators to major content owners such as the NBA and A&E,” Gamble says.

Initially, Hotwire came on for a two-month project that grew into a  retainer account. Gamble says Hotwire’s transparent measurement approach played a role in bringing the firm on.

Hotwire’s model is designed to give clients complete visibility into who is working on an account and defines specific outcomes and deliverables.

“If we commit to securing four placements but only secure three – we only charge for three,” says Hotwire’s US managing director Leslie Campisi. She adds, BroadbandTV is a “classic Hotwire client. It’s on a trajectory and is looking to take that momentum to the US.”