Last week it was announced that Iran are to hold fresh talks with six world powers in order to resolve the international community’s long-standing concerns with Iran's nuclear programme and its military purposes. 

In light of this news, the Meltwater Group decided to monitor public online opinions regarding this issue. Using their social media monitoring tool; Meltwater Buzz, over 200 million sources were analysed in relation the Iran's nuclear programme.

The topic generated a huge amount of online buzz with a consistently negative sentiment tone. However, a large percentage of these conversations were free from opinion, focusing instead on the news and, therefore, were considered neutral.

A number of key themes also emerged from the online conversations. Specifically, Barak Obama was regularly mentioned in online posts due to the increasing pressure on the US from Israel, who are strongly in favour of a pre-emptive attack on Iran. This issue will undoubtedly continue to evolve and online buzz will increase as the news unfolds around this story.