MONTREAL—Canadian public relations firm CASACOM, has launched Casacademy, a professional development centre; Structural PR, a new systematic approach to PR; and a manifesto that positions the value of PR as an essential component of business.

“CEOs and leaders are facing unprecedented challenges as they seek to innovate and transform their organizations,” said Marie-Josée Gagnon (pictured), founder and CEO, who says the new approach is designed to help leaders address those challenges.

Casacademy will have operations in Montreal and in Toronto and will offer training to CEOs, senior executives, communications practitioners and spokespeople. It will be led by Stéphane Ethier, a veteran management and public relations consultant.

The firm’s new Structural PR approach, meanwhile, builds on the synergies between an organization’s vision, brand and relationships and integrates public relations with business objectives and metrics.

The new training offer and the new approach reflect the values expressed in the firm’s new manifesto, which says: “We live in a fast, demanding, and sometimes bewildering world. Finding one’s own true way through this information-saturated complexity is one of the greatest challenges all leaders must face.

“We think doing business in a more humanistic way helps us to overcome this challenge and achieve our dreams. And we believe our holistic vision of public relations can help leaders to build solid organizations that are dedicated at the same time to sustainable growth and to common good.”