Located in Syracuse, New York, Terax Hair Care America is the U.S. distributor for Terax Italia products, a prestige line for both professionals and consumers.  Although the Terax hair care line has been available in the United States for approximately 20 years, it has been a relatively unknown brand.  One product (Crema), however, has been sought-after for several years by a number of influential Hollywood stylists.  As a result, Crema developed a cult following among some of Hollywood’s highest profile celebrities, including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Hunt, Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock.  The company has never supported the line through paid advertising, relying solely on Kodora Communications’ public relations program over the past two years to market to consumers, as well as to the celebrity community, thereby hoping to influence increased sales of the entire line to a broader base of end-users. 
The first challenge Kodora faced was elevating a virtually unknown hair care line to the level of a prestige brand, on a par with higher profile, heavily advertised, established brands. 
The second challenge was helping Terax infiltrate Hollywood and celebrity-attended events without a promotion/sponsorship budget.
The third challenge for Kodora was managing a successful, multifaceted, multi-audience program supported only by a very modest budget of less than $50,000 annually, without any complimentary marketing initiatives.
Given the brand’s slow sales growth during its 20 years in the United States, Kodora’s main objective was to jumpstart Terax sales.  The second objective was to expand Terax’s positive reputation within the celebrity community and leverage such adoption/usage to influence consumer sales.  Our third objective was to increase awareness of and respect for the brand with beauty editors at the top national consumer publications, thus maximizing potential inclusion and positive coverage over the long term.
Kodora’s strategic model focused on three principles: high-profile celebrity stylists influence the products celebrities use; celebrities influence a broad spectrum of media coverage; reported celebrity association with any consumer product drives consumers to adoption and continued usage.  
Therefore, the strategy included 1) expanding usage of Terax products among such stylists, and 2) demonstrating a clear association between Terax products and the Hollywood mystique.
Kodora developed a database of stylists based on two criteria: 1) those who are most often quoted in the national consumer publications, and 2) those who are known to work with media-coveted celebrities.  Kodora kept these stylists abreast of any new product developments, contacted them on a regular basis, and sent product whenever appropriate or requested.  
To demonstrate a clear association between Terax and the Hollywood community, Kodora developed relationships with event planners for movie premieres, awards ceremonies and charitable fundraisers and offered samples of Terax products to be featured in the gift bags distributed to attendees, thus creating an implied endorsement of Terax by choosy Hollywood insiders.   
Kodora converted Terax’s celebrity associations into a distinct branding effort within its media relations protocols by 1) referencing celebrities who are know fans of the brand and the products they use within every media communiqué, 2) inviting journalists to premieres and events at which Terax donated product, 3) keeping editors abreast of any new and noteworthy celebrity Terax purchases, and 4) providing editors with samples of celebrities’ favorite products to test themselves. 
Sales for Terax Hair Care’s products have more than doubled in the United States since the implementation of Kodora Communications’ public relations program.  High-profile stylists now call Kodora requesting product for themselves and their celebrity clients; movie studios and event planners contact Kodora regularly with requests to include Terax in gift bags for a variety of high-profile events, including the Notting Hill, O Brother Where Art Thou? and What Planet Are You From? premieres, the BCBG Women’s Fall Fashion Show at 7th on Sixth, A Power Lunch for Power Women (sponsored by Glamour magazine), and a celebrity-attended Ovarian Cancer Research Fund benefit; journalists readily recognize Terax as a prestigious brand and frequently cover its products, thus influencing and expanding the Terax consumer base.