On behalf of Centrum Performance, a multivitamin for active adults in the 24 - 35 age range, Edelman developed an extremely cost-effective opportunistic media program that was carried out in August and September of 2000. The campaign leveraged the brand’s ad buy during the season finale of the hit show “Survivor,” as well as the newly released and re-vamped USDA dietary guidelines.  Through a public event, as well as media interviews, Dr. Kristine Clark, Director of Sports Nutrition at the Center for Sports Medicine, Penn State University, served as spokesperson and effectively delivered key messages to radio, broadcast and print outlets.


By leveraging the ad buy with a themed event tie-in, and identifying a relevant expert that had intimate knowledge of the new dietary guidelines (she served as fitness counsel to the USDA), a great opportunity was created to publicize the Performance brand. Due to the last minute purchase of the advertising and serious budget constraints, however, we were charged with creating and implementing a cost-effective event/media campaign within three days. 


A primary objective was to capitalize on the media buzz surrounding the “Survivor” season finale through a themed event tie-in, sample Centrum Performance among the target demographic, and generate media coverage. Another objective was to offer a top-tier nutrition spokesperson that could speak to the new dietary guidelines and position the brand, and Whitehall-Robins, as leaders in nutrition education. 


At the notification of the ad buy, Edelman immediately began to determine an appropriate forum for a “Survivor”-style tie-in. The ultimate event, Centrum Performance Rocks, encouraged the public to “survive the challenge on the world’s most famous island” by scaling a 30-foot rock-climbing wall at Extra Vertical, a premiere climbing facility in New York City. A grand prize of $1000 was awarded to the fastest wall-climber at the event, and in an effort to draw young professionals (a target Centrum Performance demographic), $2000 would be awarded if the winner were wearing a business suit. Product samples, t-shirts and stadium cushions were distributed to all consumers at the event. 

To further publicize the event and encourage consumer participation, we established a partnership with Z100 FM, America’s largest radio station targeting our demographic. The partnership included 18 teaser spots in the days prior to the event, three Centrum Performance mentions during the morning drive-time show, and celebrity DJ Skeery Jones as the on-site event emcee. 

Pitching efforts surrounding Centrum Performance Rocks led to a placement with the WB11 Morning Show. Over the course of two segments, Dr. Kristine Clark and WB host Larry Hoff competed on the rock-climbing wall and delivered key brand messages. Dr. Clark also outlined a healthy diet according to the USDA guidelines and stressed the importance of a daily vitamin like Centrum Performance. 

On the platform of the re-vamped dietary guidelines, and in conjunction with Centrum Performance Rocks, we also conducted print and radio media tours with Dr. Clark. We arranged deskside briefings with several top-tier women’s magazines, as well as a radio tour that included  six live interviews and one national placement with WGN Superstation.


The Centrum Performance Rocks campaign effectively positioned Centrum Performance as the multivitamin for active young professionals, and positioned Whitehall-Robins as the most comprehensive, well-rounded and progressive player in nutrition and nutrition education. 


  • WB 11 Morning Show - TV 
  • WGN Superstation – Radio 
  • ‘Just for the Health of It’ – Radio 
  • WTOP AM/FM – Washington, D.C. 
  • WGNK FM – Glenview, IL 
  • WIDO FM – Miami, FL 
  • KPQ AM – Wenatchee, W


  • Fit 
  • Vogue 
  • Fitness 
  • Men’s Journal 
  • Jane 
  • First for Women