Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) is a $6 billion worldwide information services and technology company providing services, systems and solutions enabling customers to seize the opportunities and overcome challenges of the Internet economy. It is BSMG Worldwide/Southwest’s responsibility to continually to promote Unisys technology solutions and its executives among national, technology and vertical media. In the Dallas office of the nation’s fourth-largest public relations agency, an expert team of technology PR professionals, Sheri Loose, Dawn Kahle, Teisha Van de Kop and Stephen Stokes, are the primary account team members.
Technology stocks were continuing to suffer due to market conditions and interest in technology companies from national media was not as high as before the technology stock decline during 2Q00. While Unisys possessed the solutions, technologies and expert thought leadership within the corporation, recognition was low among targeted national business, technology and vertical media outlets for the company’s superior capabilities.
Unisys needed to change the public’s perception of the corporation, solutions, and most importantly, the quality of people within the organization to a global industry leading e-business service providing company. In addition, the overall challenge was distinguishing the company’s comprehensive offerings from the abundance of competing companies in this market such as IBM, EDS, Hewlett Packard and the big 5 consulting firms.
BSMG assessed the current situation of Unisys in early 2000, determined key Unisys advantages and differentiators, such as expert thought leadership and solutions and leveraged “news-of-the-day” items, such as the “LoveBug” virus, “E-SIGN Act”, e-Voting and travel-related technology issues. During 2000, BSMG secured coverage within top-tier media outlets including Computerworld, Associated Press, InformationWeek, InfoWorld, eWeek, Reuters and Forbes.com.
BSMG conducted an extensive program to survey the e-business landscape and gather information from a variety of sources. Research included interviews with Unisys executives on current technology and solution news issues, reviewing of white papers and background reports from Unisys. BSMG also reviewed ongoing research of technology-related issues and trends and assessment of news coverage related to “hot issues” in the e-business field.
BSMG’s objectives for the security campaign were:
  • Increase awareness of the breadth of Unisys products and services to customers, potential customers and the investment community.
  • Heighten visibility for Unisys vertical market executives as industry thought leaders.
  • Increase awareness of Unisys as a competitive player in the e-business service provider industry as well as key vertical markets.
  • Enhance employee, shareholder and current customer confidence.
BSMG executed an aggressive media relations campaign to promote Unisys as an expert in information technology and e-business solutions. By leveraging Unisys executives as thought leaders and seasoned technological experts and communicating effectively the customer benefits of Unisys solutions, BSMG capitalized on current news events surrounding the e-business service provider market.
BSMG built a media outreach strategy focusing on top-tier national business, technology, new economy and key vertical markets affected by particular technologies and laws, including public sector, financial service, publishing, commercial and transportation. By accessing Unisys knowledge base, BSMG developed lists of media contacts and editorial opportunities and began establishing relationships with key target publication reporters covering the electronic-business service provider industry for proactive media outreach. BSMG focused on trend stories and reactive outreach with “news-of-the-day” items.
  • Interviewed Unisys experts and reviewed collateral materials to develop targeted pitch letters
  • Developed a comprehensive media database of key media contacts covering e-business provider-related topics
  • Researched editorial calendars to determine scheduled story opportunities
  • Supported trade shows where Unisys was exhibiting and/or speaking
  • Prepared targeted pitch letters for national, technology and vertical media to showcase Unisys solutions and expertise
  • Positioned Unisys experts as spokespeople for media outlets
By establishing a relationship with appropriate national reporters and editors, BSMG was able to secure placements for Unisys experts and solutions on current news items, such as virus attacks on company networks, adoption of Federal laws, issues affecting today’s business travelers and the “need for more advanced technological solutions” in key business areas.  BSMG’s research into current and future e-business trends helped propel Unisys into other media outlets that were addressing similar issues, including imaging and global financial solutions.
BSMG received key positive media coverage on trend stories, timely news announcements and ongoing promotions of top executives for Unisys. Both online and print publications acknowledged Unisys as a key resource for business and technology issues including:
  • Top-tier print publications: Computerworld, PC World, InformationWeek, Associated Press, Darwin magazine, eWeek and InfoWorld
  • Top-tier online coverage: Forbes.com, Computerworld.com, PC World.com and Reuters
  • Key vertical publications: American City & County, American Banker, Newspapers & Technology, Washington Technology, Imaging & Document Solutions and Bank Technology News
Excluding daily metropolitan newspapers and news services, including Associated Press and Reuters, BSMG obtained approximately 14,000,000 positive print impressions for Unisys in 2000. For online articles placed in 2000, BSMG obtained approximately 61,000,000 positive impressions in top-tier media outlets.