Corporate websites need to improve content and navigation in order to get better news coverage, according to a study by Vocus, a leader in public relations automation software. The survey found that newspaper, magazine and Internet journalists believed only 33 percent of corporate websites provide the information journalists are looking for.

“According to the survey, three out of five journalists said that the information found on the website impacts their decision to include a company in a story,” says Kay Bransford, Vocus vice president of marketing and communications. “How many companies get passed over for a story because a reporter can only find brochure-ware on their website? More than 90 percent of our respondents said that they feel they waste half of their time sifting through those sites looking for the information they need.  

“PR professionals are missing the opportunities to be a resource by providing the kind of information journalists are looking for.”

The survey indicates that the top three items a Web site should provide in a newsroom are:

  • Press Releases:  Companies should include current and archive releases, being sure to post any releases distributed within the last 24 hours, and have an easy search option.
  • 24-Hour Contact Information: Companies should include a specific contact person by name, title and phone number.
  • Corporate Information: Companies should include a company profile, statistics and executive biographies—things that will help gain insight into the company and its management.