Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of full-cut crystal stones for the giftware/fashion/jewelry industries. Despite an industry reputation as an innovator, Swarovski was still perceived as old-fashioned and conservative by its targeted younger consumers and the national fashion media


Swarovski asked Cairns & Associates to update its image to be more relevant to 18–35 year olds – an audience necessary for the growth and strength of the brand which suffered an aging demographic.  Cairns & Associates was challenged to find a creative and compelling way to penetrate fashion media cynicism and change consumer perception of the brand.  Program budget: $30,500


Change consumer perception from outdated to current/desirable 

Enhance Swarovski’s brand image and establish fashion leadership

Drive sales and introduce new, younger, fashion-conscious customers to the Swarovski brand


Conduct a public relations product audit to isolate image and news vehicles with potential to appear edgy and relevant (i.e., the Swarovski Crystal Tattoo) 

Influence target consumers and media with style and celebrity third-parties engaged in the brand via  Swarovski Crystal Tattoos 

Conduct Hollywood seeding – getting Swarovski Crystal Tattoos on the right bodies

Creative fashion expert to interpret and showcase the Swarovski Crystal Tattoos and lend integrity

Make Swarovski Crystal Tattoos visible at high-profile entertainment and style public events 

Dramatically visualize the product for media and consumers

Stage a media event/stunt with sex and camera appeal for national television

Create Swarovski Crystal Tattoo parlors and demonstrations with retail partners nationally

Drive newspaper campaign with stunning photography

Intensive media saturation campaign geared to image-making media (print and broadcast environments) of relevance to 18 – 35 year fashionistas


Product: With an eye on fashion trends and the need to appeal to a younger target audience, Cairns & Associates placed major emphasis on Swarovski Crystal Tattoos, allocating significant budget dollars to support its new, cutting edge approach to body adornment

Influence: Working with Cloutier Agency in Los Angeles, Cairs & Associates distributed the Swarovski Crystal Tattoos to models and actresses as well as fashion and hair stylists (singers Britney Spears and Kelis and MTV's Ananda Lewis wore the Swarovski Crystal Tattoos and caught the attention of the media). 

Famed international body artist, Joanne Gair, was selected as the third-party fashion authority and spokesperson to dimensionalize the style relevance of Swarovski with usage of the Crystal Tattoos 

Cairns & Associates secured exposure for Swarovski Crystal Tattoos at the Emmy and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on both celebrity bodies and in the gift baskets 

Actualize for Media and Consumers: Cairns & Associates invited fashion magazine editors, television producers and select trade press to an interactive Fashion Trends Presentation at the Swarovski showroom, featuring Joanne Gair, who creatively applied and demonstrated “hip” ways to wear the Swarovski Crystal Tattoos on models in extravagant and wild ways. 

Cairns & Associates created, facilitated and publicized Swarovski Crystal Tattoo Parlors nationwide at retail events within major markets including New York, Miami and Los Angeles

Media Saturation: A total of more than 286,903,839 consumer impressions were garnered-to-date. Coverage included a total of 43 consumer magazine placements, 92 newspaper placements, three trade placements, 21 television hits and one radio hit. Total consumer impressions equaled 257,596,972 with a total advertising equivalency of $3,611,911 and CPM of .11¢.  Swarovski Crystal Tattoos continue to secure coverage

Print: Major magazine photo features were secured; three issues of InStyle, including a double-page spread, a full page in Cosmopolitan, Forbes FYI, Glamour and coverage in key consumer style publications such as Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly, Soho Style, Vibe and younger audience publications such as Seventeen, Teen, J14, Young Miss and Teenstyle

Broadcast: Broadcast placements were generated from the event, placing Swarovski firmly in the center of “fashion trends” on E! News Daily, WSVN – Deco Drive


More than 1,000,000 consumers were directly engaged in the upscale Swarovski image via retail interactive events and promotional programs 

Without any advertising or promotional support, Swarovski Crystal Tattoos sold out in stores across the country

As a result of the public relations success, Saks Fifth Avenue (SFA) commissioned an exclusive “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” Swarovski Crystal Tattoo.  This tattoo was featured in-store during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct. 2000), highlighted on the cover of the SFA September book and at the VIP launch cocktail reception 

Bloomingdale’s sold out its initial order of Swarovski Crystal Tattoos and has continued to re-order to keep up with the demand.  As a result, Bloomingdale’s asked Swarovski to partner with them to create one-of-a kind holiday 2000 window masterpieces at its NYC flagship store.  The windows were inspired by light, glitter and glamour as well as the influence of young trend-setters that are typically seen wearing Swarovski Crystal Tattoos.  Superstar band *NSync unveiled the windows.    

Additionally, Joanne Gair, was featured in a live holiday crystal tattoo-decorating event on Black Friday in the Bloomingdale’s NYC flagship store’s window. Painting and tattooing “Mrs. Claus” in full view to the street. Broadcast coverage included: WABC, WNYW, WPIX, WWOR, Telemundo and BBC.  Print coverage included:  New York Post, USA Today, Newsday, Associated Press, Reuters and The Daily News.  Radio coverage included CNN Radio, WINS-AM and WKTU. Internet coverage included two placements on

Universal Studios, due to the entertainment media exposure, requested Swarovski create a Josie and the Pussycats tattoo to promote an upcoming film at the Licensing Show (June 12-15, 2000) further extending the influence of the Swarovski style message