TOKYO—Dentsu Public Relations is launching a new service to help active and aspiring business executives, politicians, academics and anyone addressing audiences to communicate more effectively.

The firm’s new Leadership Communication Program offers integrated training for Japanese and non-Japanese presenters to enhance the communication skills required for speaking before large audiences in various situations, such as presentations, speeches or conferences.

Dentsu PR president and CEO Takehiko Chikami (pictured) says it is the first time a Japanese PR firm has offered such a service focused on public speaking, and that it is designed to “enhance the verbal communication skills of all participants, regardless of their prior public speaking experience.”

Advisors participating in the program include Japanese public speaking guru Yosuke Kageyama, business psychology expert Akira Ito, and former newspaper journalists. They will discuss various aspects of speaking, including tone of voice, use of gestures, eye contact, and stance on the platform or stage.

For non-Japanese executives of foreign-owned companies or organizations, understanding Japan’s characteristic communication culture is especially important, the firm says. And Dentsu will provide coaching for top management on delivering speeches and presentations to a Japanese audience.