BRUSSELS—Christof Ehrhart, head of corporate communications and executive vice president at Deutsche Post DHL and one of the most respected public relations in Germany, will receive one of The Holmes Report’s SABRE Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement at this year’s SABRE Awards dinner, to be held in Brussels on May 31.

Ehrhart took over as head of corporate communications at Deutsche Post DHL in 2009 with a mandate to rebuild employee morale and restore public trust following the departure of former chief executive Klaus Zumwinkel amid tax evasion charges. Working closely with new CEO Frank Appel, Ehrhart has had an immediate impact, completely restructuring the company’s global communications department and restoring the company’s reputation.

Internally, he has focused on fostering a shared identity, building pride in the workplace and inspiring best-in-class service as well as establishing DHL as an employer of choice is critical. Externally, he has aligned the company’s communications efforts to our strategic road map, Strategy 2015, nurturing a
“One DHL” voice across various business units and continuing to grow the company’s CSR efforts.

Perhaps most notable, Ehrhart introduced a major thought leadership initiative: a Delphi study entitled “Delivering Tomorrow: Towards Sustainable Logistics” that has served as the basis for a series of stakeholder dialogues around the world.

Prior to joining Deutsche Post DHL, he headed corporate communications at EADS. He started his career within the communications industry as director of corporate issues in the corporate communications department of Bertelsmann, where he later served as vice president of public relations for AOL Bertelsmann Europe and vice president corporate communications, product management and event marketing for Bertelsmann Online.

Ehrhart moved on to be director of corporate affairs and public relations at JT International Germany, before he became head of corporate communications at Schering.

Ehrhart earned his doctorate in political science and worked as a journalist before entering communications management.

In addition, Ehrhart will be a featured speaker at our second annual European ThinkTank Live conference, which takes place in Brussels on the day of the SABRE dinner. He will be discussing “Corporate Communications in the Age of Hyper-Transparency.”