CORAL GABLES, FL — Dunkin’ has named RockOrange its US Hispanic Agency of Record.

RockOrange has been hired by the restaurant chain to develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns targeting Hispanics, who make up nearly 20% of the US population. Dunkin' is focused on striking long-term relationships with Hispanic consumers as it expands services and position in the community.

Dunkin’ is owned by restaurant giant Inspire Brands, which in October consolidated its $4m PR business with MSL. RockOrange, which previously worked with Dunkin' on a per-project basis, has been working alongside MSL, which handles  the restaurant chain's mainstream US PR.

Miami-area RockOrange firm has handled Hispanic PR for other big-name brands including Jet Blue and Spotify.

“Dunkin’ is passionate about quality beverages, delicious snacks, and family; all values that resonate strongly with our community and we want to help Dunkin’ make that connection with Hispanics and Latinos across the United States. Brands like Dunkin’ are correct in seeing the value that this community has in our country and understands the need to communicate to them with messaging and stories that matter,” said RockOrange co-founder David Naranjo. “It’s not just about selling coffee and donuts, it’s about making a cultural connection and being part of their stories.”