LONDON—The latest episode of the Echo Chamber reviews the British Gas social media crisis and explores whether advertising is more honest than PR.

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Havas PR global chair Marian Salzman, joining the show at the agency's European meeting in Paris, makes the mildly alarming assertion that advertising is more honest than public relations, and calls on PR people to take more risks and embrace creativity.

"I hope we can learn the fearlessness that pervades an ad agency," says Salzman. "An ad agency's take on life is 'why not?' or 'how?' A PR agency's take on something is 'can it be insured?'" 

Elsewhere, TMW head of community Vikki Morgan discusses British Gas' disastrous decision to hold a Twitter Q&A shortly after announcing a major price hike. 

The Echo Chamber’s regular news round-up, featuring Jericho Chambers head Robert Phillips, also explores whether CEOs should be involved in policy and why people have ranked Apple as a highly transparent brand.

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