NEW YORK — Elizabeth Harrison and Jeffrey Bowman, PR and tech leaders respectively, have joined forces to help corporate America fast-track diversity, equity and inclusion through a new consulting offering.

Under the partnership, Harrison, co-founder of Harrison & Shriftman, and Bowman, co-founder and CEO of Reframe, will work with companies using Reframe’s Cultural Maturity Model to assess and better understand corporate cultures — and determine how companies can address their diversity issues.

After that, Harrison and Bowman, using Reframe’s leadership tools, will help create and implement educational programs designed to further D&I in the business world. Transformation plans will also include companies working with D&I experts and having access to resources available on

“Because of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, America and corporate America are at a cultural crossroads,” said Bowman, whose research suggests corporate America is two to three generations behind on achieving diversity. “As people leaders look to navigate the growing social climate and the ongoing racial inequalities, inequities and microaggressions faced by the Black and Brown workforce; they are also faced with the growing challenges of managing employees remotely. CEOs now have the opportunity to reframe the workplace and close the cultural gap between corporate America and America.”

The partnership between Harrison and Bowman, who had an Ogilvy & Mather advertising career before starting Reframe, started through a shared commitment to ushering in a new, diverse era for business in the US.

They previously collaborated on a white paper  titled “Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Will Not Be Enough To Save Corporate America.” Bowman’s research on the subject over the last five years explores how the failure of organizations to tackle problems in corporate culture has kept them from meaningful change.

“At H&S we pride ourselves on developing provocative, game-changing, counter-cultural movements,” Harrison said. “Over the past decade, we have been extremely intentional about right-sizing the organization to ensure it is completely diverse – spanning past race, gender, religion and ethnicity to include diversity of thought and perspectives. These internal shifts have not only created positive impact on our company culture but has proven to drive exponential creative and financial growth for our clients.”